Documentation and achieving are the instrumentalities of preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage. The EZCC has archived and collected about 1200 photographs, 5000 hours video recording, miniature, paintings, musical instruments and other artifacts. The 10 documentary films on the tradition of performing arts of eastern zone has been released from the archive of EZCC in the financial year 2014-15 including,

  • Chhou Dance of Purulia directed by Dhananjoy Mandal
  • Lama Dances of Sikkim directed by Manash Bhowmick
  • The Vishnupur Gharana directed by Ashoke Viswanathan
  • Natua directed by Chandan Bhaduri
  • The Flowers of Stone directed by Sanat Mahanta
  • Mural Paintings of Orissa directed by Raja Mitra
  • Folk Dances of Sikkim directed by Sangita Datta
  • Folk Music Instruments of Orissa directed by Bappa Sen
  • The Masan Canbas and Cork Doll directed by Askoke Viswanathan
  • Folk Dances of Nicobarese directed by Mukheshwar Lal

25 books and booklet have been published by the EZCC on the topic of performing arts.

The following are initiated for financial year 2015 – 16:

  • Publication
    1. Publication of books on folk and tribal arts tradition of the member states – A festival and seminar on Tribal and Folk art tradition of the member states has been organized. The papers presented during the seminar will be compiled and edited for publication.
    2. Publication of Monograph on the personalities of performing arts – The monograph on national awardees (i.e, National Academies’ awardees, Gyanpeeth, Padma awardees) will be taken up in the first phase in the calendar year 2015-16.
  • Still and Video Photography

    Apart from the still and video photography, state wise special documentation programme will be made during the festivals and programmes organized over the year has been proposed in the calendar of events for the year 2015 -16.

  • Digitalisation

    About 12,000 still photographs and video recording of 5000 hours are available, related to the performing arts, in the archive of Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Kolkata. The processes of digitalization are under progress.